Friday, June 8, 2007

Things YOU Could Learn at Forensic U

Sure, you’ve worked hard to perfect your manuscript. You’ve taken classes in writing, read books, joined a critique group and edited your work carefully. But now--What if your editor or agent spots the flaws in your knowledge of police work, medical injuries, and forensic science? Why damage your chances of publication success?

Instead, join us for Sisters in Crime’s Forensic University of St. Louis, November 1-4, 2007, at the Hilton St. Louis Airport in St. Louis. Our two-and-a-half intensive days of classes will help you write with authority and accuracy. Our student/instructor ratio will allow you to get your questions answered by experts. The hands-on opportunities will help you bring your scenes to life.

And if you join us for A Muddy Brew-Ha-Ha Party and Auction to benefit the Crime Lab Project Foundation, you’ll be able to bid on such fascinating items as a brick from Edgar Allen Poe’s house or a signed script from the cast of Law & Order. Plus, you’ll be helping crime labs all around the country.

Remember: Attendance is limited to 200. Go online and register today at Early registration ends June 15, and then the price goes up!

Our headliners have offered up 18 samples of what YOU could learn at Forensic University!

Here are the ideas submitted by Headliner Eileen Dreyer:

1) Doctors are forever telling the cop what caliber bullet caused the injury just from entrance and exit wounds. Doctors and nurses NEVER make that determination.

2) People do not pass out from pain. Believe me, they'd be happier if they did.

3) Everybody has a limited number of times they can be conked on the head before they forget to tie their shoelaces (Mannix should have been on life support).

4) If conked on the head hard enough to lose consciousness for any appreciable amount of time, the hero will not remember how it happened. He might not remember anything past breakfast that morning.

Next week, I'll post four things Dr. D.P.Lyle has noticed that most mystery authors get wrong.

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