Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An Overview of the Planned Events - Part I

I'm going to let Doug Lyle, Eileen Dreyer, and Lee Lofland talk about their own backgrounds and expertise, and as we go along they'll be telling you more about their sessions at SinC's Forensic University. But I thought I'd give you a rough overview of the event. Since it's a complex event, I'll do this in two parts!

We'll be in St. Louis at the Hilton at the airport -- very reasonable rates and no added transporation costs from the airport! More on the hotel soon.

The following is subject to change as we finalize speakers and events, but here's what is the works for the first two days -- info about the next two days will be posted tomorrow.

Thursday November 1
Two events:
1) Early registrants are eligible for one of the limited spaces at an indoor shooting range. Be one of the first 50 to register, and you can join us at Bull's Eye LLC Indoor Shooting Range. $35 fee includes transportation from hotel, ammunition, safety gear, targets, and assistance from a trained range instructor.

2) Opening reception

Friday November 2

In the morning, Dr. Doug Lyle will present an opening session, "The ABCs of Forensic Science."

This is followed by 2 sets of breakout sessions before lunch. These one-hour sessions will give you a choice of four topics to explore. Pick the areas that most interest you! The sessions will cover topics in forensic science and police procedure, and be taught by experts. We'll tell you more about these topics in future posts, but plans include speakers on forensic anthropology, toxicology (poisons, drugs, etc.), DNA, use of forensic dogs, blood spatter patterns, trauma, cold cases, trace evidence, interrogation, firearms, and much more!

Lunch together - a box lunch is included in your registration!

Friday afternoon:
Lee Lofland will give a presentation on police procedure.

This is followed by another set of breakout sessions.

The final event of the day is a panel discussion to help you incorporate what you've learned into your writing. You will have had six hours of instruction by this point, so we want to give you a chance to think about the information you've received. This event will also include a Q&A session.

Dinner on your own for this night!

We're looking into having an informal forum in the evening -- stay tuned! We'll let you know.

Jan Burke

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