Thursday, March 1, 2007

Opening and Closing Talks

Now that I've finally figured this blogging deal out I'll address a couple of items from previous posts. At the Forensic U I'll be doing two book-end talks. The opening will be titled something like The ABCs of Forensic Science. What I'll attempt to do in this session is to bring the attendees into the World of Forensics. We will look at: What forensic science does and what it doesn't do. How evidence is identified and how it is used to link individuals to crime scenes, to victims, and to the murder weapon. How evidence can elimate some suspects and point the finger at others. How evidence makes its way to the courtroom. And many other issues. This will serve as a basis for all the following classes that will be given in that this session will provide background and perspective.

The final talk will be titled Plotting the Perfect Murder. Every time I do this session we always have fun. It is highly interactive and attendees will use their new found forenisc knowledge to plot a perfect murder. Afterall, this what you must do to write a mystery novel. The more clever your villain, the better the story. The more clever the crime, the cooler your protagonist is when he solves it and captures the bad guy.

All of us involved in The Forensic University are working to make it a special event. Our goal is to provide a fun three days that will teach writers what they must know about forensic science and police investigation in the modern world. This is essential for writers to make their stories believable. And we're hoping to do all this and have a ton of laughs in the process. Who said forensics isn't fun? Come to St. Louis and it will be.

D.P. Lyle, MD

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