Wednesday, August 1, 2007

St. Louis Insider - Otherworldly

  • You could not choose a better time of year to visit St. Louis legends than the haunting season. Until recently, an eerie light from a painted-over window spooked passersby on the Campus of St. Louis University. Walking by DuBourg Hall on a chilly night makes the imagination whirl with tales of Jesuit priests exorcising a teenage boy possessed by demons. Yes, St. Louis not Georgetown, inspired William Peter Blatty to write his best-selling 1971 book the Exorcist.
  • St. Louis has a trove of terrifying places--like Lemp Mansion, home of multimillionaire beer barons--and scene of debauchery, madness and suicide which too much money can bring.
  • A short ride across the Mississippi ends in one of the most haunted towns in America. Be sure to bundle up. Anyone might get a chill by walking across the cold ground where once stood the Alton Prison--a place of death for thousands of Civil War soldiers. People still check into the Alton hotel, the ones who have the nerve.
  • For those who truly love the macabre, November 2 offers something most extraordinary-- a witching hour tour of one of the most ghostly places in the country--Alton Illinois.
    Since these tours sell out quickly, don't delay. Make sure your heart can stand the excitement--and your mommy lets you stay out past midnight.
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