Friday, September 7, 2007

Beer, Blues and Baseball

St. Louis Insider

Like beer? Who doesn't? Tour the biggest brewery in the world--Anheuser-Busch, and have a free sample. If you're not convinced "bigger is better," we have several microbreweries to tempt your tastebuds, too.

The Mississippi has always been the inspiration for blues music like W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues." The closer to the River, the better the blues. We have too many blues clubs to count, but the most authentic are in the Soulard area--near the home of Budweiser, the Clydesdales and Historic Soulard Farmers' Market--in continuous operation since 1843. New Busch Stadium, home to the 2006 World Series Champs in nearby downtown, is built to look like an old-time brick baseball park. It houses a museum filled with memorabilia from the Cardinals' 115 year history. Indoor sports fans can find another one-of-a-kind treat next to Busch--the International Bowling Hall of Fame.

We can boast of another kind of blues, too--Blues Ice Hockey at Savvis Center, reachable by Metrolink. Oct. 30, Blues v Coyotes; Nov 3. Blues v Blackhawks.

P.S. Don't worry about the climate. St. Louis summers typically last through September. After that we have a mild and delightful fall which often sees flowers bloom through Thanksgiving.
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